Construction and Property Breakfast Club Members Appraise 2018 and Predict 2019 Growth


The quarterly meeting of Southern Construction and Property Breakfast Club saw a boost of members when it located to the Portsmouth Marriott hotel. The club organisers and sponsors welcomed over 90 developers, planners, land agents and other construction key industry related people.

David Ardley, Director of international property and construction consultancy company Gleeds said that the aim is now to move the club meetings to various towns and cities within the next 18 months, describing it as roadshow that would enable people to link up with other professionals in a way that will benefit the construction industry. Richard Summers, Urban Designer and Director from Southampton based Boyle+Summers Ltd and Nick Groves, Director at Romsey based consulting civil and structural engineers WFBA, agreed that trying different venues was an interesting idea and hoped to see an increase in numbers and diversity of attendees from across the region: “A key factor in the success of the organising members, is our ability at being more creative with our solutions to maximise the use and value of land for our clients. This is a message we wish to share!”

Shane Mason, Regional Director with Acheson Construction in Chandlers Ford said that the Club is now becoming an important ‘must attend’ event for any serious developer: “It’s a very quick way of reaching experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can make a difference to the degree of success of a building project and its viability.”

“We are fortunate that the southern area is still a vibrant region for development in most sectors including commerce, leisure and residential properties,” added Nick Groves. “None of us can afford to be complacent in the current economic cycle and it remains important to continue offering competitive fees commensurate with the high quality service we provide, whilst ensuring a reasonable profit margin.”

Anyone wishing to attend the next club breakfast to be held at the Hilton at the Ageas Bowl, Southampton on Thursday 13th December should contact

WFBA David Ardley, Nick Groves, Richard Summers and Shane Mason  at the Marriott in Portsmouth_ quarterly meeting of Southern Construction and Property Breakfast Club

Photo Caption: (From left) David Ardley, Nick Groves, Richard Summers and Shane Mason greet members at the Marriott in Portsmouth.


Construction and Property Breakfast Club Builds On New Sponsorship

Justin Galloway Acheson Construction Ltd, Tony Deacon Gleeds, Nick Groves WFBA, Richard Summers and Tony Boyle of Boyle+Summers.

Justin Galloway Acheson Construction Ltd, Tony Deacon Gleeds, Nick Groves WFBA, Richard Summers and Tony Boyle of Boyle+Summers.


The Southern Construction and Property Breakfast Club, which now attracts over 70 professionals from the building and construction industry to its quarterly meetings held at the Ageas Hilton, has been boosted by a new team of four leading sponsors from the Solent region.


The group will now comprise of contractors Acheson Construction Ltd, architects and masterplanners Boyle+Summers Ltd, property and construction consultants Gleeds, and consulting civil and structural engineers WFBA. Each of the companies will be responsible for the organisation of this important networking event, and selecting the invitees from a range of professionals including Developers, Contractors, Project Managers and Cost Consultants, Consulting Engineers, Architects, and Planning Specialists.


“The Breakfast Club is an excellent opportunity to network with fellow construction professionals, share views of the industry and gain insight into new opportunities, and we are all delighted to be sponsors of the re-formed Breakfast Club,” said WFBA Director Nick Groves.  


Technical Director Supports Portsmouth Uni Architectural Students

Alastair Craig

Alastair Craig


Romsey based consulting civil and structural engineering firm WFBA has supported Architectural Students at Portsmouth University by lending their Technical Director Alastair Craig to offer practical advice on design project on a monthly basis.  During each visit Alastair has the opportunity to demonstrate the key role structural engineers play in the development of a building and how an architect can make best use of what they can offer.  By spending around 30 minutes with each student helps the young designers consider how to best use a wide choice of building materials available to them to not only make a building project both functional and visually impressive, but also robust and sustainable for the long term future.


“The sessions with the part one and part two students are designed to show the important early input an engineer can offer to a design. It’s an interesting and in my view essential approach to the project based course work as this training will help them to consider and appreciate the many factors that influence  a design to determine what can be achieved and built on a given site;” said Alastair


At WFBA, the busy team of 25 are currently applying their skill and knowledge to a number of major projects for clients including McCarthy & Stone, Travelodge, and Southampton University, as well as wide ranging selection of projects across England for many key Architects. The scale of projects can vary from a £25,000 private home extension to a £35 million commercial development.   WFBA annual turnover now exceeds £1,200,000.


Career Fair Hope For Expanding Romsey Company

Romsey-based consulting civil and structural engineering company WFBA says that by attending the University of Southampton Careers Fair for the first time, they are hopeful that they will be able to recruit the number of graduate engineers and enthusiastic undergraduates for summer placements as the business expand amid a national shortage of skilled people.

“We have already increased our technical team by 7 this year and based on our current and forecast workload will be able to accommodate the same growth in 2017,” said Managing Director Bill Brown who founded the company in 1995 with fellow consultant Nick Groves.

Anyone who joins the £1,000,000 turnover company will not only work with architects and developers within Hampshire but on construction projects throughout the UK.   These range from several new Travelodge Hotels, retirement homes across the south for McCarthy and Stone, small housing developments, complex refurbishments and one-off prestige projects.

“We are very pleased with our expansion across the country and the diverse range of projects are appreciated by our team of experienced professionals.The scale of projects can vary from a £15,000 private home extension to a £30 million commercial development.  We are fortunate to be recommended by existing clients across a diverse range of market sectors which has contributed to the  strong ongoing demand for our consultancy services.”  

The ability to support projects has been greatly influenced by our investment in the latest BIM (Building Information Modelling) software which enables greater collaboration between the design team and their clients.

Sponsors Sought for New Equipment at the Nomansland Community and Sports Club House

Steve Hollick, one of the Technical Directors at Romsey based consulting civil and structural engineering company WFBA has met with Gideon Aymes to see the new Nomansland Community Club house and skate park now in operation after helping Gideon with the initial funding applications. 

It took Gideon, as fundraising officer of the Nomansland Sports Association four years raising almost £500,000 for the community project. WFBA supported the charity by working speculatively from the start on the design for this highly sustainable club house. The use of natural lighting, solar power, automatic occupation sensors, heat recovery and a highly insulated construction will mean that the energy consumption of the building will not be a burden on the charity in the future.

The Nomansland Sports Association is now looking for local sponsorship so that it can complete and furnish the facilities used by local residents and schools. The new facilities have already led to the formation of an additional football team and skate park club which is also looking for sponsors. 

“We are fundraising to purchase the furniture including changing room benches, storage cupboards, tables, fridge and freezer to support the club’s aim to involve young people aged between 5 and 16 in regular sport and outdoor activities,” said Gideon. “If we can raise enough, a new decking area outside the clubhouse would make it possible for football team supporters and parents to support these activities in comfort.”

Anyone wishing to support the sports charity can contact Gideon Aymes at or call 07775 826818

Additional information please visit


(from left) Gideon Aymes thanks WFBA’s Steve Hollick.for the continued support at the new club house.

(from left) Gideon Aymes thanks WFBA’s Steve Hollick.for the continued support at the new club house.